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Program quality assessment and improvement are vital themes in the afterschool field.  A quality self assessment tool can appear overwhelming, but it is a tool that can help your program and organization grow.  Improving quality in your program is an ongoing process.  Self assessment provides an opportunity for programs to identify the strengths and areas in need of improvement in their program.

The benefits of self assessment include:


  • Identifying and understanding what supports or hinders top performance of your program

  • Identifying areas of need that can help improve decision making and programming

  • Identifying what actions can be taken to implement positive change

  • Promoting a continued development of growth and improvement

  • Promoting a resulting positive impact for youth, families, staff and communities


Self-Assessment Tools from the National Afterschool Association
Core Knowledge and Competencies for Afterschool and Youth Development Professionals

More Resources for Self Assessment

Connecticut Afterschool Network

The Connecticut Afterschool Network has developed a Best Practice Guidelines and Self Assessment Tools. Visit their website to explore what effective afterschool programming looks like and ways to improve the quality of your program.

National Afterschool Alliance

The National Afterschool Alliance provides exceptional tools serve to help professionals self-evaluate and develop a personal Professional Development Action Plan.  For more information, go to their website.

American Institutes for Research

AIR has developed a Social and Emotional Learning in Afterschool Self-Reflection Tool Kit. Read more about why SEL is important to your program and then download the toolkit.

New York State Network for Youth Success

The NY has developed a Quality Self Assessment Tool that is meant to be used in concert with other formal and informal evaluation methods, such as youth, parent and staff meetings, youth and parent focus groups, and external monitoring and evaluation.  Visit to learn more and get started.

The Center for Global Education at Asia Society

The Center for Global Education at Asia Society has everything you need to integrate high-quality global learning into your afterschool program.  CGE has resources and tools for afterschool programs, educators and administrators.

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