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Science Class
Kids Drawing
Teacher Assisting a Student


We bring together the brightest minds from across the state to improve funding for and access to OST and summer learning programs.

  • Identifying and cultivating relationships to benefit OST professionals and improve program quality

  • Building partnerships to champion OST issues


We provide tools and resources to help OST providers be their very best (so youth get the most out of their experiences!)

  • Showcasing NH OST programs and youth development staff

  • Connecting OST professionals to resources through effective outreach

  • Identifying and sharing grant and funding opportunities

  • Sharing Conference and Professional Development opportunities


We listen to the field and work together to advocate for solutions that make the greatest impact.

  • Monitoring legislation that impacts OST and summer programming

  • Monitoring state and federal budgets, committee hearings, and elections

  • Increasing awareness on the impact of OST on NH youth and families

  • Meeting with legislators to provide improve knowledge related to OST and summer learning issues

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