Afterschool Builds NH's Workforce

Afterschool and summer learning programs prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow and help working parents keep their jobs. Investing in these programs will help build New Hampshire’s future workforce and ensure that our businesses can succeed and grow. 

By partnering with local businesses, afterschool and summer learning programs can offer unique, real-world experiences that help young people develop critical workforce skills, explore potential career paths and connect with opportunities that encourage them to stay in New Hampshire. 

How afterschool programs help: 

  • Support the development of strong work habits

  • Support Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Encourage higher attendance rate for school 

  • Boost reading and math skills with homework clubs

  • Implement and support STEM programs that buildchildren's interest in STEM related skills

  • Increase on-the-job productivity when parents are not worries about their kids after 3pm

  • Increases kids' earning potential

  • reduces crime and juvenile delinquency

What businesses and local employers can do: 

  • Offer mentorships and internships

  • Implement a job-shadowing opportunity

  • Promote volunteer positions for youth

  • Develop scholarships 

  • Connect with programs through enrichment clubs

  • Offer on-site field trips 

 Workforce Development Resources

NHAN is a project of SERESC (Southeastern Regional Education Service Center), is funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and is affiliated with the National AfterSchool Association.