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Our Focus

NHAN connects afterschool programs with the resources they need to provide high-quality afterschool programming.

To build fluency in a language, you need to use it often and different ways. The same applies to building fluency in STEM—it’s not enough to do a little.

In communities struggling with opioid and other substance use, afterschool programs are increasing resilience among young people, supporting positive youth development, and preventing future substance use.

Research shows that the summer months can also be a time when children experience summer learning loss, falling behind in key areas like reading and math.

Workforce Development

Afterschool and summer learning programs prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow and help working parents keep their jobs.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) practices have lifelong impact on youth and their relationships within their communities and society at large.

Supporting health and wellness in Afterschool and summer programs can help youth reach their full potential in school, career, and life .

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