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NHAN administration team and steering committee work together to monitor public policy that supports afterschool and out of school funding at the state and national level to ensure all youth in New Hampshire have access to high  quality programming and resources.  At times, NHAN works with officials to propose legislation. We also assist in collecting statements for public comment at hearings. Important educational materials, reports and toolkits are prepared and given to legislators to encourage legislative advocacy. 

NHAN builds partnerships and relationships that intersect with youth development and New Hampshire. We are always seeking to find champions that believe in quality out of school time. 


Below are key links that NHAN uses to track, monitor and research policy. 



Find and contact your Reps and Senators


Committee assignments

Information about bills (text, sponsors, status, hearing dates)

Weekly Calendar/Schedule (comes out Fridays) (comes out Thursdays)

Links to Remote Meetings Remote Testimony Directions.pdf to sign in and testify on Zoom before the New Hampshire State Senate.pdf

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